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Developmental Editing

(aka Structural or Substantive)

If your manuscript were a big grove of trees, this editorial pass would involve looking at the forest as a whole, the big picture.

  • Does the story make sense?

  • Do all the pieces work? (Plot, setting, overall structure, character development)

  • Do scenes need to be added/deleted or rearranged?

  • If you need this editorial pass fleshed out a bit more, there's a great explanation here.

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Line Editing

(aka Stylistic or Content)

Now we're taking it down to tree level in our manuscript forest. This editorial pass would focus on:

  • Consistency

  • Voice, style, word choice, phrasing

  • Refining characters & dialogue

  • Overuse of dialogue tags

  • Hooks and prompts (how each chapter begins and ends)

  • Any bad habits you might have in your writing (hey, we've all got 'em!)

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Narrowing it down to branches in our analogy, here, although copyediting can be on the lighter or heavier side, depending on how much you want or your manuscript needs. This editorial pass involves:​

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation

  • Consistency with actions

  • Fact-checking upon request

  • Timeline accuracy

  • Checking chapters and page numbers

  • Fixing overused words

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Now we zoom in on the nitty-gritty-- leaves, twigs, bark, you get it. This editorial pass happens when your manuscript is basically ready to go, but needs one last check to make sure nothing new got messed up while you were fixing something else.​

  • Typos

  • Double words

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation

  • Formatting issues

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Small Projects

If you're looking for help with something smaller than a novel, like a blog, article, or essay, there is simply a flat rate per hour (up to 1500 words/hour).​ This also applied if you'd like to work in chapter installments.

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